Calculate volume of a complex shape

I want to calculate the volume of this object, Entity Inspector doesn’t show volume.

didima.skp (816.6 KB)

It doesn’t show a volume because it isn’t a solid object.

After fixing it Entity Info will show the volume.

FWIW, if you set the face style to X-ray you can see the internal face easily enough. The stray edge is a little trickier to find but you could find it without using Solid Inspector2.

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Thank you so much again! :slight_smile:

Also I installed “Solid Inspector2” right away, such a helpful tool.

What are some other “must have” tools?

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You’re welcome.

That’s hard to say. Depends on what you are modeling. I find a number of Fredo6’s extensions to be very useful. FredoSpline, FredoCorner, Round Corner, Curviloft, … Also TIG’s Purge All, ThomThom’s CleanUp3, and for Boolean operations I prefer either Eneroth Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2 over the native Solid Tools.

Very helpful.
Have a good day sir

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