Calculating volumes


I am still quite new to the SketchUp world and so only try and use it when I absolutely need to. In this particular instance, I am trying to calculate some volumes for some buildings. I have drawn a few already and have managed to calculate those by making the object a group, etc… However, I have had to modify one of them and when I try and calculate that object, it just isn’t providing me with the volume. I’m sure there is a part of the object that hasn’t been drawn or closed/sealed off correctly.

Can anybody help identify the issue?

We can’t identify anything unless you attach the model for us to look at.

That indicates that your edit has changed the object so that it is no longer a closed solid volume.

Hi both,

Thank you for your replies. I wasn’t sure if I should just provide a link to the model hence asking first. And yes… that would be exactly right and as I am pre-amateur, I wouldn’t even know what I’ve done wrong. I hope I have attached it correctly.

Farm Cottage.skp (165.8 KB)

There’s a tiny stray edge that needs removing.
Stray edge


How on earth did you manage to spot that!!! :open_mouth:

Thank you so much!

Don’t know about Box but I would have cheated and used Solid Inspector.

Don’t know either but in the Web version (as OPseems to be using) without extentions I would apply wireframe mode.
A ‘right to left’ over nodes one by one selects the connecting edges at that vertex. With ‘Entity Info’ open it is easy to see whether the number matches what you would expect from looking at that vertex in the model. It may be a bit cumbersom but it also reveals that some edges are collinear but segmented, (so not only the stray edge that @Box found).
Unfortunately there’s no help from using extentions.

AFAIK Solid Inspector is a native function of the Web version (at least the paying one)

True for the paying on, good point.
OP 's profile in confusing about the version, it mentions SU Free (web) but also SU 2017, hence my answer.

The model uploaded opened for me telling me it was 2017, so I assumed desktop and didn’t record a web version.