Calculating a Volume of a new house

Hi All,

I hope you don’t mind me asking for help.

I am trying to find the volume of the proposed house I am modelling and I have followed the previous topic in this forum for tips and suggestions, I have kept my model simple and clean, correct facing. I have been unable to find the volume from the group entity, any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have attached the model into this topic, its SKUP2019

Many thanks in advance.


191024 - Massing.skp (526.1 KB)

2848,13 m³


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I’m not sure how you think you have kept it all correct facing, turn on monochrome and you’ll see all the back faces.
The faces don’t stop it being solid but the stay edges do, you have a few bits of floating loose geometry and some bits on the roof ends. You can use orient faces and hunt down the strays or Solid inspector will quickly fix it for you.
But more importantly you are using layers incorrectly.
Read up on using layers here.

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Note that the rules for calculating building volume vary according to local code. For instance, in our parts, you wouldn’t include chimneys and roof eaves, and roofs are counted only to the top surface of the insulating material.


Thank you for your prompt reply to my post. very helpful.

I will certainly try get Solid Inspector plug in, many thanks.