Calculating volumes... again


I created a similar post back in September '22 and similarly to that, my SketchUp skills have not improved… but mainly because I don’t need to use it. However and similar to my previous post, I am trying to calculate the volume of a group and it’s not liking it. So there is definitely a drawing error somewhere. I wonder if somebody could review and resolve?

The one on the left is fine and the one on right is the one I am having issues with.
Volumes.skp (188.3 KB)

Orbit to underneath and look up. The one that doesn’t give you a volume isn’t solid because the bottom is missing. Fix that.

Also correct the reversed faces.There should be no exposed blue back faces.

How are you using these objects?

By the way, please correct your profile. There is no web version of SketchUp 2017.

@DaveR Thank you for that. I had tried calculating the volume with a base on previously but was not working. I have now gone back into the model, added a base, reversed the faces, made it a group and it still isn’t providing me with a figure (as attached). Did you make any drawing changes to the model? However, I see you do have a volume figure which is what I need anyway.

I very rarely use SketchUp and it’s only really to calculate volumes of houses. These models do not get presented or issued to anybody so I’m not as concerned about these reverse faces. Unless of course that is a contributing factor to not being able to calculate volumes?

@DaveR ‘s model is a solid so SketchUp show the volume. Yours is not. Try to find how to make it solid group

When you look into your model there is a rather obvious thick profile line where it shouldn’t be, this is creating an extra face, delete it and close the bottom.