Help, I don't know how to calculate the total volume of my model

AutoSave_Hidden_Pillows.skp (1.1 MB)
please help

If everything is solid (and there are no nested objects) you can just select all and read the volume in Entity Info.

I tried that but it doesn’t work

Solid Inspector 2 says the object isn’t solid, with surface border problems, and over 1000 internal faces.

Needs work to make it solid first.

how would i go about doing that?

Edit maybe those are pistons the vertical things…

Experiment with something simple first. For example, the pistons are close to being solids. Go into the pistons .Triple click on each and make all of each a group and put all the piston groups into one group so you can look at them alone (layers would help but that is another matter to work on). If a piston group does not read as solid, look closer. Some have interior walls, and those can’t be solid. Remove the interior walls (or get rid of all those extra edges). Some may have stray edges (edges that are not bounding at least two faces). When you select a solid group representing a piston you can read the volume.

It will also be helpful to put all the edges and faces on Layer0. Then put the groups of objects-- cams etc–on the different layers. Your layers are not helping because you don’t have groups. +++All faces and edges on Layer0. Make groups of your objects. Assign the groups to the layers you add.+++

im really panicking as this is a project that is due tomorrow

and i cant figure out how to make them solids

could you do it so that you can show me how?

Here’s a file. organized the file a little for you. That would be the first step so that you can work with each part. If you need the parts (components) joined together a different way, you can explode them.

The pistons are in a component and you’ll see they are each solid and a volume can be found. You will see I removed the edges up at the top of some of them and that was what they needed. The frame was pretty good, once separated, and made a group. Solid Solver fixed it.

I redrew the camshaft making sure it was all aligned to the axis. Because I made the axle as a separate cylinder as a solid group I was able to use solid tools union to join it to the cams (which were all instances of a component). I constructed the axle from the hole in the cam. Shaft 2 is the combination of the parts and Shaft 3 is all of it joined with the “union” command. I didn’t replace your shaft. You’d know better how to position it.

The other parts will be hard to make solid. They can’t have all those intersecting parts. Think of a solid sort of like a plastic bottle or a balloon. It has a skin that can take all sorts of shapes but has to be watertight and not have anything else (no extra edges faces or groups etc. ) or holes in the faces. It shouldn’t have interior faces. If I had to do this I would start over with those remaining parts carefully making solid objects.Hidden_Pillows X.skp (1.9 MB)

Hope you do well.

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