Quick volume calculation, multiple objects

I want a total volume for multiple solid objects quickly. I have read that I should just be able to select them (un-nested) and read the volume in entity info (Help, I don't know how to calculate the total volume of my model). However, as soon as I select more than one object, the volume disappears. All objects appear to be solid and show volumes but SketchUp won’t add them up - volume field stays blank. I have also tried saving as and opening in 2019 and it’s the same.

I have attached a small example file. Does it work for you? Any ideas?


Panel.skp (400.5 KB)

With Fredo Tools > Solid Volume


with Solid Tools > Outer Shell

Hmmm…I thought it was possible to select multiple objects and read the combined volume ??

Has this changed in 2021? or am I remembering incorrectly…?

Fredo does it again, cheers!

But yes, strange people say it used to work in Entity Info, but now it’s not working. Eneroth said it in 2019 and when I tried in Sketchup 2019 (the earliest version I currently have installed, it didn’t work there either.

I don’t believe it worked for volume with multiple object selections. Length and Area do for multiple selections in the same context.