Request: Sum of selected solid groups and components in Entity Info

When selecting a single solid group or solid component, the volume of the group or component is displayed under the Entity Info, but if multiple solid components or groups are selected it just lists how many are selected. In the case that multiple solid components and groups are selected (assuming all of them are solids and have their volume available), I would really like for the Entity Info to also list the sum of the volumes of all selected objects. Currently I can do this manually by just selecting them one by one and adding them up, but this would be a real time saver for me.

How do you use those volumes once you have them?

Once I have the volume, I see if the model is close enough to my target volume and adjust it accordingly if it is not (either by scaling the entire model, or by adjusting particular parts).

My use case is a bit specific. I’m creating small starship models. These ships started out in a game with a ship design system that defines the size of a ship by the volume of its hull (rather than length, width, height etc., so ships that are the same size can actually have vary different shapes). I’m trying to model the ships so they are all scaled correctly relative to each other. My results have been good, but I wish there was a faster way to get the total hull volume of my ship without while still keeping the hull as multiple solid sections that can be tweaked and re-used as needed.

I suppose I could use the outer shell tool to combine them into one solid, get the volume then press undo.

In the free web version that’s probably your best option.

In SketchUp Pro there is a report generating feature that can give you the volumes of all the selected components in the model. There are other options for getting reports of volumes and even volume totals with extensions. If I remember correctly there’s even an extension that can help scaling objects to a target volume. Of course for your hobbyist use you might not want to go the Pro route. Some of those extensions could be used in SketchUp 2017 Make, though.

Thank you. It’s good to know my options. I’m going to try the outer shell tool and see how it works into my workflow.

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