Calculating Construction Volumes from SKP models

Does anyone know how to use the Entity Info of a particular object, to calculate the volumes for entire model? I am working on a model for which I would like to calculate the volume of my concrete columns and beams and also the volume of my masonry walls.

Example: In this model, on my Masonry layer, I have grouped an object that represents the masonry between two columns with a volume of 12.2 cubic feet.

I would like to add up all the volumes for each entity so that I can produce a BOQ - Bill of Quantity for all my concrete and masonry objects.

This feels to me like a Ruby Script opportunity - Does anyone already have a solution for this?

File > Generate Report … Reports the volume of solid groups.

*SketchUp Pro only feature.

Hi Geo - thanks so much - this makes perfect sense - I will give it a try :smile:

With SketchUp Make I can see a volume by making the object a group or component and see its volume on the Entity Info

Group or component will not report any volume if they are not solid ( “water tight”).
There are some volume plugins already in the 3D ware house.