Entity info - no solid volume even so Solid Inspector² says 'Everything shiny'!

What version of SketchUp are you using? Complete your forum profile correctly.

Solid Inspector is not absolutely perfect. There can be some things that confuse it. Try Solid Inspector instead of Solid Inspector 2. It might turn up issues.

If you urgently need assistance, share the SketchUp file. There’s no way we can figure out exactly what is wrong with your model from a tiny screenshot.

Delete a face and it could probably show more issues besides the missing face.

I’m on a windows workstation running SU pro 2024. Had the same result on my SU 2021!
I’ll try Solid inspector 1’
2024 masse HBP III theor…skp (787.2 KB)

Put that in your forum profile, please.

Solid Inspector highlight a couple of spots.
Screenshot - 4_10_2024 , 10_08_19 AM

Problem solved!
Solid inspector(1) found 2 very, very, very small items.
I deleted two lines and put that thing together again!
Thanks a lot !!!

Solid inspector and entity info use different algorithms to decide what is a solid. Sometimes something slips past one of them that the other does not catch. In your initial screenshot you can see that entity info does not believe the object is a solid even though SI does.

Thanks I didn’t expect that!