Not a solid in SU but SolidInspector says "everything is shiny"

I am using SU2024 Pro. I have a very complex solid which I have been fixing using CleanUp2 and SolidInspector2. After toiling for some time, SolidInspector says “everything is shiny”. But Solid Tools and Entity Info say “NO!”. I tried ungrouping and then re-grouping/making component, which has worked in the past, but I still do not have a solid. I have checked for faces on top of each other, all good. How do I fix this? I could post the file but it is over 32 MB.

Where does Solid Inspector show there are problems?

Upload it to Drop Box or We Transfer and share the link.

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The most common thing that fools solid inspector is a zero thickness edge. Where two shapes come together and share a common edge.
You can see here if I separate the edges it becomes a solid. Or if you added thickness, a fillet for example.
GIF 22-05-2024 11-37-21 AM

Solid Tools just says “not a solid” if I try to select it. And I need to do some solid tool operations on it :grimacing:

Thanks Box, so maybe my only option is to manually scan across the whole object looking for these features? I will upload the model when I get home from work. Is there a good alternative to SolidInspector2?

Solid inspector2 is one of the best, but nothing is infallible. Sometimes Fixit101 will correct things, but nothing beats manually looking and understanding what you are looking for.
Perhaps years of fixing things prior to solid inspector makes it easy for us oldies.

FYI my single object has 481,839 edges and 187,039 faces, so checking is going to be … problematic.

That may well be the case, but I often make complex structures with millions of edges that are solids. Understanding a modelling workflow that produces what you need is paramount. Nothing can ‘fix’ a bad model, good modelling doesn’t need a fix.
If you allow us to see your model we may well be able to point you in a more effective direction.

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Maybe post the file & we can have a gander ?

Will do, once I get home in 6 hours.

:+1: :+1:okey dokey

I meant Solid Inspector.

Here is the file I’m having trouble with. I did find about a dozen places as shown in the animation posted by Box, but it is still not a solid.

You have to make it available. Clicking on the link takes you to an Access Denied message.


@Box was correct.

Solid Inspector identifies them even though Solid Inspector 2 doesn’t…
Screenshot - 5_22_2024 , 3_41_53 PM

I fixed your model the same way Box shows in his video and it’s solid.

Purging unused components and materials makes the file small enough to upload directly.

TEMP WORK purged.skp (14.1 MB)

Thanks Dave. So I missed two features like this, its really quite hard to spot them.

As I showed, Solid Inspector put circles around then to make them easy to find. Switching to Xray allows you to see through the model in case the camera is on the wrong side from the problem spots.

FWIW, now that you know this particular thing causes a problem, you can avoid it from the beginning and not create the trouble spot in the first place.

Indeed, I will use SI in the future to find these issues. Usually the workflow “create object → not solid → fix using SI2 → everything is shiny → still not a solid → ungroup → regroup” has worked for me. But not this time. Thanks again.