SolidInspector reads all shiny but outer shell does not


new new magwell.skp (188.6 KB)

Hi guys,
The outer shell tool says that one of these shapes is not a solid, and solidInspector reports that everything is shiny. Could anybody help me find the error?


These showed up, ran fixes, but a couple of faces were still flip flopping. On a correct face I ran “orient faces” and it seemed OK. Verified it in STL viewer…maybe that’s it?

new new magwell 2.skp (186.0 KB)


The problem you have is being caused by the little groups of faces as shown by @whiterabbitdesigncompany, they are so small and only slightly angled from each other that SU is struggling to understand them properly and is adding faces on faces. You can select some of the faces and delete them and you’ll see the other face remains. It’s an unfortunate oddity of SU that sometimes it creates multiple faces for what appears to be no reason.
Using the Dave Method would avoid the issue.

In this particular instance, exploding and regrouping will fix it, or even converting it to a component.