Solid inspectors says shinny but entity info says NA


I am having a strange issue with a component and group. So, solid inspector says it has no errors, everything is shiny, but yet entity info says that it is not a solid.

i select all the object, use solid inspector, then right click create group or component.

I have also just created the group and then used solid inspector and it still says shinny haha

My guess is that the DC logo is somehow not fully touching the surface. I created that object on the side, then i moved it over as a solid and just positioned it atop of the other surface. However, i can not tell if it has intersected or not. If i try to move the dc logo piece, it grabs the other geometry with it. this leads me to think that it has properly intersected.


thankssolid%20inspectorbow tie green lantern with round dc logo1.skp (984.7 KB)


Hello, I tool a look at your model and the model is good, but the problem is with the cylinder touching the two regtangles on top and bottom, those two tangent edges is what doen’t let SketchUp see it as a solind componet.

Can you make your logo with the circle having a slightly bigger diameter so that it goes in a little bint into the two rectangles?


OHHH, it on the green lantern logo thingy haha. Yes, those points of tangencies are trouble makers. I didnt even notice those haha.

Ok, let me make the outer diameter a bit bigger. Since i am still new to SU pro and i am a avid solidworks user, is there a way to make the daimeter bigger with out re-drawing it? i tried to use entity info to make the radius bigger but it only allowed for half of the circle to do that. i guess i can select half of the circle, change it, then change the other half haha.

ill give it a go


EDIT: Yup, that didnt work haha. it makes it more of an eye shape since i am changing only half of the circle at one given time. If i select both halfs, i do not get an option to change radius, probably due to the rectangles attached to it


I think it would be easier to create a new face with the green lantern part then use push/pull. That should be quick.


Ok, cool.I have finished that drawing and will be double checking the solidness of it. thank you:) While we are on the subject of drawing circles, on the pic below, how would one draw a circle centered with the other cylinder but on the top of the rectangular face and not the top face of the cylinder? I am just curious to even know if that is possible because some parts i make for mechanical design, i have ran into that issue before and was not sure how to tackle that.




The quickest way I can think of is: draw the circle centered on the top face of the cylinder! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… then move the circle down to the rectangle using SU inference system.

There are other way, but maybe more complicated, for example: guides or making each part a separate solid so you can move some of them temporarily out of the way or put the parts in different layers and at the end make one solid.


ok, ill give it a shot. i just know sometimes when you start on that upper face and pull down, it can end up deleting some face making a hollow mess haha.

ok, so i fixed the logo, but still no go.


Let’s see… here is a file with everything working, please take a look. I hope everything works fine.

bow tie green lantern with round dc logo1 - R.skp (1.8 MB)


hmm, yours works great, but mine is still the suck haha. Ok, did you redraw the entire thing or just the circle? because all i did was remove the circle, redrew it, pushed or pulled it and then that was it.

thanks. I know it should be a simple fix haha.

EDIT: WAIT I GET IT!!! your drew the profile first in 2d, then pulled the whole bloody thing up!


By George!!! I have VOLUME now… haha thanks. The problem from migrating from solidworks to this and then back to solidworks…