Find the volume of Model

lead bush bar.skp (281.5 KB)
i am not able to find the volume of the model (attached file). under entity info it is not detecting as solid group. i have tried my best to remove all the internal edges & faces.

need help!

Thanks in Advnce

You have been careless about which way you drag out the radius when creating circles, and as a result the tops of both conical parts have glitches.

There are several things wrong with the model, to prevent it from being a solid group:

1)The group contains a nested group
2) if that is exploded you still need to give that tube part thickness
3) no back faces (grey) on the outside.
4) the top contains ubnecessary circles on both sides

Thank you @Wo3Dan & @slbaumgartner for the help. I was going crazy cause the volume won’t show up, thanks to u guys my problem solved

Once again THANK YOU !!!