Build unity between groups to gain volume


I can not join the hull with tubes in a single volume.
I build the tubes and make a group, position the tubes on the hull and create a single group. But now the group has no volume, I used the plugin SolidSolver to fix the problem disappears but the deck of the boat.

How do I create one group with volume.

I include photos and work files

RIB.skp (559.1 KB)


One main problem is you are trying to work too small. Scale everything up by 100 until you are finished then scale it down to correct size.
You need to learn how to use layers.
Do not put raw geometry on any layer other than Layer0
Put groups and components on other layers.
But in this model you don’t even need layers.



First, scale up the boat x100, as has been suggested.You can scale it back down when it’s done. Then explode it down to raw geometry. At this point, groups just get in the way. Now split the boat in half and discard half. No point doubling your work.

Now triple-click to select all and right-click > Intersect selected. This should for the most part allow you to remove extraneous geometry from the interior of the model. Also remove the back face of the pontoon, which can be easily replaced, so you can get at all the stuff inside the pontoon. Extraneous geometry is anything inside the outer skin–lines, faces, whatever. Get rid of everything that is not an integral part of a single, continuous skin. Everything on the inside should be blue. Everything on the outside should be white.

Close all openings and group the half-hull. Entity Info should say Solid Group. Redraw, reconstruct, and simplify as necessary to get a hull with no gaps and no excess material. Once you get half the hull to be solid, it should be easy to add the other half.

Finally, copy the half hull (inside the group context), flip the new half, and assemble it with the first half. Put any finishing touches on edge visibility.



Thank you your advice I could complete the main part of the hull.

Now I wanted to add accessories, I built the bow cleat fecendo a group and then a volume.
I inserted the object on the deck with solid union but the main object is no longer a closed solid.

I watched with solid inspector and me error in the frame front window, why? first it was ok

I include photos and work files

Who knows if I will arrive at the end; ->


RIB 16.12.skp (606.9 KB)



You can’t have sub-groups in a solid. A solid contains only geometry.

So I have placed the hatches and the cleat inside the boat group and exploded them, intersected them, and cleaned up the overlapping geometry, so that all the geometry is in the same context and forms (as I said) one, continuous skin, white outside and blue inside.

I had some trouble integrating the hatches with their respective decks (or roofs, or whatever). The Intersect operation kept fracturing the front window frame. I’m not exactly sure why. So I made a copy of the hatches and two decks and intersected them separately so as not to adversely affect the rest of the structure, then replaced the original objects with their intersected and integrated counterparts. That worked. Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s the model:

RIB 16.12_gf.skp (506.0 KB)



You will continue to have problems with it until you put all the raw geometry on Layer0 and keep Layer0 as the active layer.