Visually separate commands "hide" and "delete"

PLEASE, whoever creates the Sketchup system/ app, the erase and the hide options from the “right click” list have caused me to accidentally delete objects on more than one occasion. I didn’t notice they were deleted at the time as they just disappeared and I thought they were hidden. I was able to go back to the previous save one time, but it was too far gone before I noticed another time. Just the sliding of the mouse…

Thank you!

It would be nice if they were separated. Until such time as they are, you could set up a keyboard shortcut for Hide and then you don’t even need to get into the Context menu.

FWIW, one of the benefits of using components is you can at least drag in a new instance if you inadvertently deleted the original from the model space.

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True about the components, good thought.

I hadn’t known about the keyboard shortcut (I’m obviously a little green here).

Thanks for your time.

Good reason to setup periodic backups. Also Alt+Backspace can undo steps back in time.

Thanks very much. How is a backup different than saving? Just save-as then keep going on the new version?

Using Save as to create incremental saves means you don’t save over your file with an update after you’ve inadvertently deleted an object.

FWIW, it doesn’t take a lot to make sure you are hiding instead of erasing objects. Practice and a little bit of situational awareness help. Also use tags for hiding stuff instead of using Hide. No chance of deleting stuff then.

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Objects, groups, groups of objects and components can also be hidden in Outliner since a recent release.

I do cabinets thus have a tag for doors. If I want to hide all doors, I click the eyeball in Tags Panel. If I want to hide the doors on a particular cabinet, I click the eyeball for those doors in the Outliner Panel.

I may have 100 doors on 25-50 different cabinet assemblies. Having a tag for every door or door pair is not realistic.

The Tags and Outliner combo is powerful.