Erase and Hide from the right click menu

Would moving the Erase and Hide further away from each other (in the menu system) be a problem? They both make stuff dissapear. But one is more permanent than the other. I think if I was working at speed, I could miss the hide from the erase.

I hope you understand.


  1. Right click, Hide… oops I slipped the mouse up to erase (didn’t notice)
  2. Hey it Hid
  3. work… work … work… save, save ,save
  4. Unhide…
  5. where did it go?
  6. Back to a backup… :frowning:

This would be a good idea.

That happened to me last night, when unhide last hided group nada. I had even realize that they are next to each other

Another good reason for using components instead of groups. If you’d erased a component, you could drag in a new instance of it from the In Model components collection. :wink:

Get it!


If you assign a shortcut, e.g. Ctrl+H, for hide you will be able to model quite a bit faster and not risk deleting.


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