Prevent Accidental Deletions

Using the Outliner, I very often click “Hide / Unhide”. The “Erase” option is right next to the context menu of “Hide / Unhide”. It has happened several times that I clicked on “Erase” by accident. If I notice that error right away, a simple “Undo” will fix that. But I have many groups and sub-groups and many of them set to hidden during active work. If I do not notice right away that I clicked “Erase” on a group that can cause a lot of heartache. I have lost days of work, when I eventually realized that a group no longer exists. With complex models that have sub-groups that took days to build and can be erased this easily, that is a major flaw. There should be a setting in Preferences that says “Confirm before Erase”, referring to entire groups of course (and not just a selection of edges, for example), or basically if that particular “Erase” in the Outliner is clicked. Or, at least move that “Erase” to somewhere further away, so that it is not so close to a frequently used function.

Confirm for deleting content of a file would be very unorthodox and slow down modeling extremely. You can assign a shortcut for hiding to avoid this and heavily speed up your modeling. Also make sure to take frequent back ups of your work.

Frequent use of Hide is a poor way to control visibility.
There are far better ways:

• Layers and Scenes
• View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model
• View > Component Edit > Hide Similar Components



This is a good reason to use Components instead of groups. Even if you erase a component accidentally and you don’t figure it out right away, you can bring in a replacement component from the Components window. Erasing a group means it’s gone.

I sometimes leverage this and intentionally erase the component from the model space and bring in a new instance of it later.

Are two of my favourite commands. I use them frequently and have shortcuts set for both. You can toggle between the two while in component edit mode. I find it makes for a much easier experience and comes very naturally after a short time.

And of course,as Dave mentions, another reason to use components over groups. even if you do accidentally delete a component it still remains “in model” until you purge the file.

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You can btw undo up to 50 steps if you accidentally delete something, copy it, redo all the way back, and paste it in place.

Thanks for the reminder. I just used that to get something back that I’m not sure when and how it got deleted.

Photoshop gives you a list of actions, and you can jump a whole bunch at a time just by clicking on the the last action you want to go back to.