"Hide all similar components" tool

The process of going to Outliner Window to find compnents to hide can be more rapidaly and intective.

The erase tool can be used to delete (short cut “E”), soften (short cut “Ctrl+E”) and hide (short cut “Shift+E”). It would be nice if Sketchup has another short cut for “hide all same components”, and I sugest the short cut “Alt+E” or “Ctrl+Shift+E”.

It would helpfull in some situations like when working with roof timbers, for example, when you need to deel with a lot of similar and different components at the same layer or group, “roof timbers”.

What do you think guys?

Unless I’m not quite understanding your request, you can already set up a shortcut for that. I have one set and would be lost without it. Unless you are requesting a default shortcut?

To set the shortcut, you have to be in “component edit” mode. Then from preferences>shortcuts, you will be able to find “hide similar components” shortcut to set up and “hide rest of model” too.

Yes, you did not understand me.

The “hide rest of model” and “hide similar components” already exist, but they are used when you want to go into a component and edit it using “hide rest of model” or “hide similar components”.

My propose is to visually clean the entire display model and facilitate access to other components in a quik, easy and interactive way.

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So assigning them to a layer and turning off visibility wouldn’t work?


I did not understand… why?

Ok I put it back, I withdrew it as you seem to be requiring a shortcut. Although maybe layers might work, still it’s not a shortcut.

This model I posted is a small model. However, some works are much more complex than this, and creating more layers to execute this type of workflow makes the job more exhaustive, since whenever you want to hide only for a short period of time you have to go through the layers window and search for that specific layer, but it is possible to create a new tool from an already existing (erase tool).

I guess it could be a useful tool for some people.

Anything stoppning you from putting all the “ripa” components in a group called “ripas” in this case?
Doing that it would just be two click to hide all of them at once.

Yes, you are right, everything (even silimar components) can be into a single group.

But I think the workflow can be improved: instead of putting everything in a single group, things can stay out of groups just to make it easier to edit …

For me, in this case (roof timbers) and I believe that for many users, especially when there are several groups inside one another, this “new function” for the eraser tool would be very interesting.

Another way: you can use Thomthoms selections toys to select all instances of the same component and hide them afterwards.

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ThomThom’s selection toys is just what I was about to say. Hiding all components by a single definition is not one action but two: 1) select all by the same definition (can be done with this plugin), 2) hide them.

Since space is limited in toolbars and there are a limited combination of shortcut, it’s best to divide tasks into as generic steps as possible, and instead support those.

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You´re right…