I created shortcut for "Hide rest of the model" option

So there was a shortcut for that. No need to read that anymore.

So I always use groups and components, but editing groups and components can be very hard when rest of the model blocks your viewport. Hide rest of the model option helps for that dirastically.

There is no shortcut in Sketchup for that function and you can’t assaign in shortcuts menu. So I created shortcut in AutoHotKey for that. It simply opens model info, clicks the box and closes the the model info menu.

I was always using that option while model info menu staying in front of viewport. So I created this. You don’t need any other program other than AutoHotKey.


  1. You need to assaign a key for model info. For example you can use CTRL+F12 which you will never press accidentally.
  2. You need to install AutoHotKey from there
  3. You can create new notepad file, rename it whatever you want, you need to change .txt to .ahk
  4. Copy the code down below and paste into notepad.

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Sketchup.exe
MouseGetPos, Xpos , Ypos
Send, ^{F12}
Sleep, 20
MouseClick, left, 345, 162 , 1 , 0
Sleep, 0
Send, {Escape}
Sleep, 50
MouseMove, %Xpos% , %Ypos% , 0

  • What it does When you press F12 in Sketchup opens model info> clicks the checkbox>closes the model info.
  • You can use F12 in other programs normally.
  • You can replace first F12 to any shortcut you wanted. You can use this guideline to properly name any key.

If you don’t want to open this file in every time you reboot, you can put the file wherever you want, create shortcut of the file (the one ends with .ahk), move the shortcut into

C:\Users\ “your pc name” \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

And macro will start with windows.

I believe this macro can speed up if you use lots of groups.

And I wish there was bigger community for people using macros in Sketchup.

If you have any question I can help as much as I can.

It’s really good to have that shortcut. On my system I was able to set it in Shortcut preferences by first opening a component to edit. Macros are very cool, shorthand programming.


Yes as @pbacot says there is no reason to go to all that trouble.
Many shortcuts are not available in the preferences window until you have something selected to activate the option.

Yes you can assign keyboard shortcuts for that function. I have it assigned.Screenshot - 4_13_2020 , 10_05_50 PM

Well, this means I did all of that for , yeah , nothing.

Thats sad.

I bet you learned something out of it.

My years, I was using model info like this for a long time before I learned to use AutoHotKey.image