Keyboard Shortcut Hide rest of model

I have worked at my desktop machine with sketchup for years. Setup was a long time ago.

I recently purchased a laptop to use on the road. I loaded sketchup and transferred copies of styles and etc. Now I’m travelling and using the laptop, a situation arises. I have used keyboard shortcut “N” to 'hide rest of model" when needed while editing a group. I do not have that shortcut now. I am stumped as to how that shortcut is established. I have gone into where shortcuts are setup and am unable to find or recall what command to add a shortcut for.

My laptop is a Windows Dell brand I5 proccessor and 16 MB memory. Windows 10 pro,

Filter for Hide, scroll to the bottom of the list.

This is one you have to manually set up.

You can also try opening SketchUp on your desktop and using the Export button on the dialog to create a file with your shortcuts, and then importing that file to your laptop with the Import button.

Thanks however I dont have access to my home machine right now. On a job in Kalispell Montana. Enjoying the beautiful area.

Thanks Dave,

My mind is on vacation from time to time.
Shortcut works fine now.