Visualizer Plugin

Just watched a video where the user created a model and then rendered it in Visualizer. I have downloaded Sketchup Pro 2017 which will soon expire so I will be forced to use Sketchup Make. The Visualizer site says it will only work with earlier versions of Sketcgup Pro except 2017. It makes no reference to Sketchup Make. Does anyone know if you can use this plugin with the free Make version?

it will not work in SU v2017,

it instals easiest and works for SU v2015 or lower…

it can be installed in v2016 if first installed in v 2015…

Pro and Make are irrelevant, it works for either…


Thank you, John. Good to know. If you will allow me another question, I am new to Sketchup and have currently downloaded Sketchup Pro. If I create a drawing will I still be able to work on it in Sketchup Make?


Yes. There is no difference in file format between Make and Pro.

I hope I’m not pushing it with your help. I have one more issue that I can’t find any help on anywhere. Somehow I was using the rotate tool to relocate a plumbing pipe but managed to move the whole model. Now it’s not lined up with any axis and I’m struggling to do any work. Is there any command or tool to realign to axis?

Also new to the forum. Is there any way to send a drawing with the comment?

You can upload the file using the upload feature


heritage_01.skp (2.4 MB)

It looks like the model is aligned to the axes but you moved them. If you hide the entities at the point where the axis lines cross, you can right click that point and choose Reset. Then unhide the model.

Thank you, Dave. Worked like a charm.