Can you download SU Make 2015?

Hello, a couple months ago, I got a new mac and downloaded make 2016. However, I did not realize that my favorite extension Visualizer was not compatible with 2016. Is there a way to download 2015 make or a free trial of 2015 pro? I know a way to make it work with 2016 but 2015 has to be previously installed on your computer.

Also, If I cannot, do you know of any rendering plug ins that are close to photorealistic that is free? I have downloaded Kerkythea but it is complicated to learn in a short period of time.


you can temporarily rename the SketchUp 2016 folder to SketchUp 2015

Visualizer will instal it’s files in HD/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015

then rename both it and the original to SketchUp 2016 and it will work…


I did this, and Visualizer installed on my computer, but when I try to install the extension manually, it doesn’t identify visualizer as an extension that can be added. Is there any other way to install it?

did you rename the HD/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015 to HD/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016?

if you did there is no need to ‘install’ it any other way, it is installed, and should show up in Extensions when you restart SU…

this has worked for myself and others so you may be missing a step…


When you said “then rename both it and the original to SketchUp 2016 and it will work…” did you mean to rename the visualizer icon to sketch up 2015? it does not appear in my extensions after I changed the sketch up name back to 2016. Visualizer is saving it as it’s own icon/program in my app list, not under sketchup

it is a package file, not a ruby or anything like that

Visualizer installs an app in Applications…

it also instals a plugin, in the HD path I posted…

it’s the HD path to the plugin that needs renaming, not the app…

I have posted Ruby code to do it for you on SketchUcation…


Okay, so I opened up that path in the library like you said but I am still confused, because in the application support folder it still has Sketch Up 2015 and Imagination Technologies as separate folders. It does not install the plug in in the plug ins folder. When I open the Imagination Technologies folder, there is just a file that says “supportq.” What should I do now? Also, if I were to download the Ruby file, would I just paste it within HD/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/plugins? Also, how do I access it, do I just sign into SketUcation and search for it?

this is the code…

to use it you open SU the go to the menu ‘Window’ >> ‘Ruby Console’ and copy paste the code into the bottom input box and hit return…

v15_folder = "/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/ImaginationVisualizer"
v15_extension = v15_folder + '.rb'

v16_folder = File.expand_path("~") + v15_folder.sub('5', '6')
v16_extension = v16_folder + '.rb'

command = 'ditto ' + v15_folder.inspect + ' ' + v16_folder.inspect + ' && ' + \
'ditto ' + v15_extension.inspect + ' ' + v16_extension.inspect


restart SU and Visualizer should be in the menu…


Okay, awesome! So now, when I look in the application support folder there is a folder called Sketch Up 2015 and another one called Sketch Up 2016. It appears that visualizer installed in the folder that says Sketch Up 2016. What do I do with the folder that says Sketch Up 2015, leave it or delete it?

I forgot the change the name or look at the applications support list before trying to open Sketch Up again, and the Extensions menu disappeared. Is there something I have to do to reassociate sketch up with the Sketch Up 2016 folder? Also, how do I get the extensions menu back?

Figured it out, thanks so much! :slight_smile: I’m leaving tomorrow to study abroad and really really needed to have this figured out before I leave! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!