Imagination Visualiser SU 2018


I’m tyring to install Imagination visualiser with Sketchup pro 2018 but it looks like it isn’t compatible?

There is a workaround for Mac, is this true with windows?


Have a look here. It might work. It might not. You can be the Guinea pig. :slight_smile:


Sadly I have tired to make Visualizer work in SU18 and failed. Even the workaround of manually copying the files in the right place on the HD directory does not work anymore as it did for SU2016. SU18 on Mac spits out a fatal error to load .rb file on startup. Sad because this was a great quick-render decent quality option that I have not found a good replacement for. I keep SU16 running just to use it sometimes.


I’ve installed the 2016 pro which has a trial of 30 days. Once the trial ends does the software become usable (without a license) or does it just become a version without pro features?


You can use 2016 for commercial work only if you own a licence for pro. Make is not good.

There is an alternative plugin called ambient occlusion from fluid interactive. It is paid though…


After the 30 days, does 2016 (pro) ‘revert’ back to Make?

Could I just use the 2018 pro and export as 2016 to us visualiser?


Yes pro16 should revert to make16. Yes you can use visualizer with both but you will need to install by dragging the files into the application support folder as described.

No you can’t export to visualizer from 18. Visualizer runs as a script from within SU, it’s not an export process. You could save as 16 from 18 then re open in 16 then render.


That is assuming you installed the SketchUp 2016 Make in the first place. If you installed SketchUp 2016 Pro, as you indicated, though, it’ll quit working when the 30-day trial expires.


That is true, I was assuming you installed Make with the pro trial.


I downloaded SUmake 2016 and installed it, but when opening it says SU make, Pro trial 29 days…


Then it should revert to Make when the trial runs out.

Keep in mind that SketchUp Make is not for commercial use.