Two version of sketchup - Pro and Make to use visualizer

Hello everyone,
I use Sketchup for commercial purposes and I have a licensed pro version 2018.
I need to use the plug-in Visualizer and I am thinking to install a sketchup 2016 make version on the same computer. Is this legal and correct? I will use the 2016 version only for Visualizer and the 2018 version for all the rest of my job. Is this legal and correct?
thanks to those who will answer!!!

do you still have v17 Pro?

Visualizer can be ‘moved’ to run on v17…


Dear john

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately it seems that visualizer does not work with v17 or, better, I did not find any way to install it with v17. If you know how, please share.

Moreover the problem remain: can I maintain installed v17 (make) and v18 (pro, licensed) on the same computer or it goes against some rule of the agreement?



I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think you can use Make for commercial projects like that.

It’s a pity Visualizer is no longer maintained because it is one of the most useful renderers out there. There are probably other free renderers that still work with 2019, or you could perhaps buy a license for one.

your correct, the change to Ruby 2 for v17 is what broke it…


dear eneroth thank you for your reply,

I just asked to Sketch Up Italy and they told me that if I have a professional commercial license (and I have it), there is no problem to have an older SU Make license because
anyway I can not upgrade this one to the professional one. I hope it makes sense. Let me know what you think about

thank you

Yes correct

Please, tell me. What’s the difference between Skecth Up Pro and Skecth Up Make? Can I use programm for rendering together with Skecth Up Make? I will use Skecth Up for personal.

with su Pro you can use exporters (dwg, 3ds ecc)… with the make you can not. this is the main difference if you use the software for personal (not commercial) use

What are exporters? I`m newbie. Can I use programm for rendering together with Skecth Up Make?

yes you can use rendering program

Twilight Render for example, the free Hobby version can be used even for commercial purposes, SketchUp Make not.

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Thank you for help. And what version SU Pro does it support Windows 10?

SketchUp Pro does support Windows 10 since version 2016.