Visualization problem

Opening a new project but also opening existing project made with the online free version i have this weird behaviour when moving around or zoom-in and out.

I have the lastest graphic driver installed and running Windows 10 64bit, i’m using Sketchup 2019.

Is that according to Windows?

Go to the Intel site and install the latest drivers directly from them. Windows updates are notorious for including broken graphics drivers for integrate Intel graphics.

Shame on me; i had the latest driver available from Dell.
I forced the installation of the newest generic driver and it’s now working.
Is someone else has this problem the Intel driver optimized by Dell for HD 620 is ■■■■.
Thanks for the help!

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These sorts of problems are common with integrated graphics, especially Intel graphics. Commonly it’s Windows updates that include broken drivers but sometimes Dell pushes them, too. (I’d have suggested Dell if I’d know that was the brand of your computer). This is part of why integrated graphics are not recommended for SketchUp.

It’s good that you have it working now. You might want to save a copy of the working drivers as a fall back. It is likely this problem will come up again when you get an update from Dell or Microsoft. Rolling the graphics drivers back to this version may be the fix.

You also might want to save your Lira and get a computer with a decent graphics card. Historically Nvidia graphics, esp. GTX series, have proven to be the most dependable.

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