Psychedelic display

Dva.skp (417.3 KB)
When I discovered this problem with my display, I downloaded Sketchup and reinstalled the program using the option “repair installation,” but when that made no difference, I completely uninstalled Sketchup and reinstalled it. I have the same problem. It looks like this on my screen:

My guess would be a video driver that needs to be updated.

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Hmm…I pay for AviraPro, a nifty antivirus program which claims that it updates my drivers as needed. Nevertheless, I checked through the device driver list and tried to get a few to update, but I got a message that said they are updated. What should I check next, I wonder?

Your profile says your graphics card is “color”. This may not be sufficient to display Sketchup correctly.

Am I looking in the correct place? This device seems to have the latest driver. (Thanks for helping, by the way)

You might want to check this out: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements | SketchUp Help

That’s what Windows tells you but it’s not always true. Windows is telling you that you have the latest drivers that they have shipped but it’s very common for Windows updates to include broken Intel graphics drivers. Go to the Intel site and download their latest drivers for your graphics card. Install them and do a cold reboot of your computer. Also heed @fxcutting’s advice. integrated Intel graphics cards have never been recommended for use with SketchUp. They can work but they commonly perform strangely, too.

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In Preferences, OpenGL, there is a Use fast feedback option. Try changing that.

Whoa, thank you all! I will give it a try tomorrow. Now it’s time for bed. :wink:

Nothing worked…except installing Sketchup on a newer computer, where it works fine now :pensive: :grinning: