Can somebody tell me what is going on with my SketchUp

DId this just start, did it used to work, did you update your system recently?

This looks like classic graphics driver problems. Windows sometimes updates graphics drivers in the background and breaks things. Best not to trust Windows that the drivers you have are actually up to date, try downloading and installing the latest driver directly from the manufacturer of your card.

It just happen after installing update on my Windows, works properly before though.

Just like what I thought its a graphics drive problem. however, I tried updating my drivers it still the same problem.

Did you update the driver by downloading directly from the manufacturers website?

nope. just click update drive in the control panel

If you are using integrated graphics as indicated in your profile, try turning off “Fast Feedback” (Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL) and restarting SketchUp. You can also try downloading and installing your graphics driver directly from the Intel website. Windows update is not always to be trusted.

Here I was going to compliment you on your use of repeating motifs and the way you incorporated multiple parking structures!