SU will not load properly

Can you assist me with this graphics problem which, from being occasional
is now seemingly permanent. I’m using a Lenovo T410 / i3 processor (see PDF)

graphics_prob.pdf (47.2 KB)



Try updating your graphics driver to the latest version.

Thx for this.

My laptop, if it is to be believed tells, me that I have
the latest driver version. However the prob. is still
there. (I hear there have been graphics problems with

the i3 processor). Someone also suggested I upgrade

my ram to 8gb. What do you think?

But thanks for your speedy reply


Are you using SketchUp Make 2016 as your profile indicates? Was it working at some time previously?

Assuming it was and considering there’ve been no changes to SketchUp Make 2016 for several years, you need to look at what has changed since it did work. Most likely it’s related to an automatic Windows update. You could try rolling back to before the update that caused the problem.

Don’t believe Windows. Go to the Intel site directly and check for driver updates. Install the most recent one for your graphics adaptor. Microsoft is notorious for pushing broken Intel graphics drivers.

Intel graphics are known to be lacking in adequate OpnGL support and are not recommended. If you are going to make any hardware updates, your best bet would be to invest in a decent graphics card. Historically Nvidia graphics have served the purpose well and are most recommended.

Well, thx again

I shall persevere J


A very good idea to add more system RAM. The Intel HD GPUs are embedded along with your CPU into an APU unit. This means that the HD graphics do NOT have their own dedicated GRAM. Instead they must use a portion of your main system RAM. The more system RAM you have, the better for both applications and running at better graphics modes (higher resolution, higher color bits per pixel, better anti-aliasing, etc.)

Also, … Windows 7 was released in 2009, not 2007. Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 was released in 2011.

Thx for this, Dan - and to you all who responded


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