Visible scale handles?

Is it possible to turn on visibility for scale handles ?
(once the Scale tool has been selected)

Image shows a simple demonstration where the far scale handle is obscured inside the wall. Finding scale handles can often be very tricky in a complex model! Is this normal behaviour??


It can be tricky, I have experienced it too. First solution is that the handle is still available even if it is obscured. If you place the curser over where a handle should be it will pop up red and be available for clicking and using for resizing. This is useful if most of the resize box is visible and you can judge from the bounding edges where the obscured handle should be. But this can also sometimes leave one fishing around hunting for the invisible handle which can be frustrating.

Second solution is to set up a keyboard toggle for x-ray face style, which when switched on shows all handles through surfaces.

A quick hover of the corresponding opposite handle will highly where the one you want is.

But yes, they are all workarounds as such.

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Thanks @Box and @endlessfix

Those suggestions are what I do now…it works, but it’s just annoying on large/complex models.

Do you think this is worth a Feature Request? I cant see any good reason why the handles would be obscured, can you?


I can’t think of a downside to them being visible.

Agreed, it would make sense to me if the handles were visible through all surfaces all the time.

Yes, it could be the same as with the bounding box grips when you move or rotate. Hovering in search for ones beyond would set the transparency.