Option in Preferences to set which scale tool handles appear

I would like to request that there is the option in User Preferences to set which Scale Tool handles appear by default.

I currently use a workaround by making an object a component and then setting Scale Tool options in Component Attributes to show only X, Y and Z handles but this is very long winded and I’m sure there are many other users who would benefit from this setting being part of the software defaults.

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Not opposing your request, but you could strengthen it by saying more about the use cases and specific issues that motivate it. For example, there are known problems with how the “handles” zoom when an object is very small so that they are difficult to see and pick.

Thanks @slbaumgartner Well in my case I deal with SIPs built houses so I’m primarily drawing up timber framework and panels so if I want to scale the length of a 3x2 timber I would need to zoom in far enough to be able to select the right toggle currently - however if scale toggle options were added I could easily grab the single axis toggle at the end. The same with the OSB skins of the panels if I want to stretch the length or width I have to zoom in really close to get that middle straight axis toggle.

I feel like the toggles other than just the XYZ ones would rarely be needed by most people but then I could be missing what other people might be using sketchup for.

surely one of the extensions available will do whaat you want…?

With the introduction of the grips cycle in the move and rotation tool, an enhancement of the scale tool would be nice, activate scale tool, hoover over an object, scale grips would show up, even the ones that are hiding or covered by other entities, alt or option to cycle through:
Endpoints, mid-edge and mid-face!