Scaling tool improvements

I have a few simple improvements for the humble (but very critical) Scale Tool:

  1. We can use Arrow keys to force the Move and Rotate tools to align with an axis, but why not the Scale tool?
    This would help a lot when scaling long slim objects (like pieces of timber), where grabbing the narrow end to scale along the “long” axis is not always easy (especially if that piece is obscured).

  2. Why can’t the grip handles be visible when have an object selected, and the scale tool active? (as if they are in X-Ray mode) This would greatly simplify the grabbing of handles that are obscured by faces.

  1. When scaling, we can enter a scale factor…but why can we not Scale to a specific dimension?
    At present, if we want something to be a precise dimension, it’s necessary to create a guide or edge to a required length and then snap the object being scaled onto that, and then delete the edge/guide…not the most natural workflow.
    I also think a precise scale function will reduce some common modelling errors with snapping and scaling (eg when you snap to something in the model, assuming it is an accurate length but it turns out to be 1% off. This happens especially when using a coarse display precision & in metres)
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The scale tool will use dimensions if you add the unit.

Here is an example.

Hi AK-SAM. For ease of picking the green scale handles, have you tried Eneroth’s Plugin Scale Tool Handles? It may help you. Generally I agree with your suggestion # 1.)

Something more in line with the new implemented features of the move and rotate tool would be nice.
(Transparant and cycling through the grip handles)
I wouldn’t mind if there was a setting that showed the boundingbox size’s, too.


That’s actually something i’ve heard about before but completely forgot about :rofl: :joy:

Maybe the SKP interface could use an extra tooltip about this one, where it currently says:
"Select a grip and move it to scale the objects. Ctrl= About Axis. Shift = About Centre. "

And add " Type a dimension and unit " & “type a scale factor”

Yes, it could be more obvious. I did find it in the help file, but only as a side note.

It could also be added to the Instructor window for the Scale Tool, although there is a link in this window, pointing to more help, including the tip about scaling to exact dimensions.

But, this tip, in the help, is too short and could benefit from a few detailed examples, especially explaining how to input multiple values when scaling in more than one direction.

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