Selecting the desired scaling handle


When using the scale tool I often have a hard time selecting the scaling handle that I want. This happens when the group I’m scaling is small. For example I want to scale a box and make it very long, stretching it to some other entity in the drawing. In order to see the other entity the box is small and the scale handles may be indistinguishable, one from the other. I can zoom in to select the handle and then zoom out but that is very awkward, slow and error prone. I wish there were some way to hit a key to choose the particular handle I want.
Anyone know of a solution?


I use a custom short cut key to hide the rest of the model when editing a group or component, This I toggle during selection and placement when scaling.
To create the custom key:
select the Window menu item, Preferences, then Shortcuts on the left of the dialog form. Select "View//Component Edit/Hide Rest of Model. Then in the Add Shortcut input place the desired keystoke,and press Okay do not worry, it will tell you if try to replace an existing one. I choose “n”,being an unused one close to the spacebar.
Now you use “n” to toggle this menu item during my scaling selection, then placement.

Edit: NOTE: This works for editing, or scaling within a group or component,only


In situations like this creating close-up ‘Scenes’ come in handy.
Prior to actually scaling the small selection create a scene (say scene_A) when all handles, specipically the one you need is in sight.
Also zoom in to where you want the handle to inference to later and create a second scene (say scene_B).
Now tab scene_A, make your selection again, apply the ‘Scale’ tool on it, pick the handle, tab scene_B (the scale tool and handle will stay selected), and inference to the desired point.
To quickly switch between scenes set the transition time to zero.

Note that for instance changed axes can also be saved and picked by selecting different scenes. (not relevant here, mentioned just as an example for using scenes)


thank you.
I tried a technique (not tested a lot) that seems to work based on Wo3Dan’s solution…
Zoom to a view where you can see the destination point (for me this usually can include the item being scaled, but maybe not always).
Then zoom to the item to be scaled.
Select the item.
Select the scale tool.
Click on the desired scaling handle. (not click and hold as in dragging). the handle will stay selected.
Then click camera>Previous. Can do this more than once if necessary (i.e. backup 2 or more views).
Then select the destination point.

I think this is a little quicker than creating scenes.


I find X-Ray Mode comes in handy when the Scale tool grips are buried behind other stuff.


This is a point that many people miss.
So many tools rely on click release to work properly, and some specifically work differently when you click drag. (Rotate for example)


great workarounds guys, but surely we could have keyboard shortcuts to lock scale to specific axes as per the move tool? or if the multiplicity of handles is too complicated to use arrow keys how about numpad?

this issue constantly frustrates me!