Views not correct

Hi there, my views are not correct. I want to show a view in line exactly with my section cut. How do I do that?

51H_SOUTH_Simplified13.skp (5.8 MB)

I’m also not able to rename the scene for some reason:

Switch to ‘Parallel Projection’ view first before applying one of the side views.

Click on the name field and start renaming the text of the scene.

I’ve switched to parallel projection but none of the views are showing me proper views of my dome.

You have moved the origin axis, I’m guessing you did this to make it square with your model? But the standard scenes do not shift with a modified axis, they are locked to the original axis. Right click on the axis origin and choose reset. Then rotate your entire model to align with the axis, then the standard views will be correct.

You can also select any surface, right click on it and choose: align view

You also have some hidden geometry very very far from the origin which is making some sections be huge and the model behave oddly. I needs to be deleted or moved closer.

I reset the axis. How do I move my model and align it to the origin?

Select all, then grab it by a point with the move tool and move it to the origin, it will snap there.

Or select all and then click on the move tool then click a single point in the model to start the move, then type [0,0,0] with the brackets included then press return. This will place that point you chose at the origin