Imported scenes do not align

Hi. I’ve just started getting a problem that I don’t understand. To explain;-
I import a scene from SU (for example ‘ground floor plan’) into Layout.
Then, as I have done many times before I duplicate the scene (copy paste) without moving it, and then i select the new scene and change the scene view from ‘Ground floor plan’ to "First floor plan’.
Except that it moves. It no longer aligns with the ground floor plan below, and jumps a little way across the page. The scene borders stay in place, but the view inside it has shifted.
The scenes align perfectly in SU, but once imported into LO they don’t. Is there a setting somewhere that I have accidentally changed, or is this a new glitch?

Have you tried resetting the scene?

I replied in a PM after seeing Paul’s LO file. The alignment thing works if the model is centered in the model window in SketchUp. In his case the model was not centered. After centered the model and updating the scenes the alignment was restored.

How do you center a model in sketchup?

Hopefully there will be a patch fix for this soon because alignment in layout view ports is a massive workflow for most people ie. creating floor plans the ‘Sonders way’

I think its a bug when changing scenes in layout and the scenes have different styles.
Scenes with the same style will not be misaligned, scenes with different style will change position.

Its not a huge issue because manually realigning in layout is not overly difficult but it is something that wasn’t broken prior that is now.

Use Zoom Extents of Zoom Selected as appropriate.

Yes. They’ve said they have a fix they believe will work for it. Hopefully it will be released soon.

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