Sketchup layout particular scene messed up

when I import some scenes to layout, one particular scene messed up. I don’t know why. All other scenes are working perfectly. Only a particular scene coming like this. I tried to create a new scene for the same model but It’s giving the same result. It’s happening when the model is in “hybrid” mode. It;s coming nice in other 2 modes.
What mistake I am making? or this is a bug.

This is how the scene showed in LO.

Share the LO file so we can see your exact setup. Often that sort of thing occurs if the model is placed at a creat distance from the model origin.

The file is too big. I sent the link here.
Please check the last page of the LO.

OK. I’m looking at it. While I do, please update your forum profile. It says you are using SketchUp 2020 but your file opens as a 2021 file.

oh sorry… I did not notice that.

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So the objects in your model are at a great distance from the origin relative to the size of the model. The corner with the coordinates is the closest one to the origin.

After moving the objects closerr to the origin in the SketchUp file, updating the scene, and saving the changes, I updated the reference in LayOut and now the viewport looks like this:

A few notes on your SketchUp file.

First, the way you have parts of the model spread out across the countryside is not very efficient and is prone to issues. It would be better if you keep the model more condensed and use tags correctly to manage the visibility of objects for the scenes You don’t need multiple copies of the same wall group for different cabinet arrangements. You can use the same wall object and just swap cabinets using tags…

You can see where I placed the objects for Scene 58. They are shown selected in blue.

I would suggest that you turn off Length Snapping in Model Info>Units. Having it on tends to lead to imprecise dimensions.

I see a lot of incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 10_4_2023 , 9_15_39 AM

And plenty of unused content to purge.
Screenshot - 10_4_2023 , 9_16_20 AM
There are also a bunch of huge texture files in the model. Just this clean up reduced the SketchUp file size by 74%. More could be done, too. You could be utilizing components instead of groups for a lot of the elements in your cases. That would improve efficiency and easy of use.

Does the wood grain direction matter in your models? If so you should apply the textures to the faces instead of the group containers. That would give you the ability to align the grain correctly.

Here’s a 2021 version of your LO file after I made the above adjustments. I did not do anything about the positions of the model elements other thand for that one scene. Curiously the 2021 file is still huge due to all the viewports. Saving it in 2023 results in a file that 83% smaller. No idea exactly why that is.

Thank you.
Yeah… maybe some incorrect tag usage and grouping instead of components. when the client sitting next to me while designing, I unable to focus on these things due to their urgency.
It’s better for me to apply texture to the faces instead of groups. mostly I am trying to use dynamic components and trying change textures using component options. so in this case is that possible to apply to the faces?
I tried 2023 Sketchup. unfortunately I felt It’s taking time to save when I type a formula in the dynamic component and add changing attributes.
for an example,
when I modify a formula of a component, it takes less than 1 sec to save the formula in skp 2021.
but when I do the same thing for the same component it takes more than 4,5 seconds to save the formula in skp 2023.
I don’t know what’s wrong.

I don’t know what is causing the delay when you are working with dynamic components. I would suggest however that you practice focusing on keeping the model clean and correct even while the customer is sitting there. Unless you are charging the customer a flat rate and it doesn’t matter to anyone how much time you invest in the project, it’ll be faster to model clean from the beginning. Going back to clean up the mess later will require much more work and time investment. Your call, though.

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