Layout not syncing -everything in plan view

I am having difficulty with getting my layout to sync correctly to my Sketchup model. Despite saving the model and updating scenes after working on it, when across in layout and updated there also, the scene is not the correct one and is only in plan view.
Has anyone come across this before?

Thanks in advance

Very likely you’ve done something to disconnect the viewport from the scene. Select the viewport in question and look at the SketchUp Model panel in the tray on the right. Any of the areas that show a dark gray background have been modified from the original. Those properties won’t update to reflect changes in the original scene. By making those changes in LO you are in effect saying I want these settings, not the ones in the SketchUp model. You can reset the the properties to make them match the SU model.

Here’s an example from a current project. I’ve made changes to the style and the visible tags for the selected viewport that are different from the original scene. If I were to change the style or visible tags in the scene in SU, those changes would not be shown in this viewport. Clicking Reset or Reset All would return those settings to the scene’s settings.

Hi Dave
Thank you
I had tried the route you had suggested with no avail as I think it was still connected to the model.

Ive figured out that my scenes are somehow coming over to layout rotated . When I realized this I can easily rectify it, however, I can’t work out why it is happening, it is also a big PAIN to do it for each scene.
Thanks again Dave

Seeing your LO file would be a big help to me in getting your problem sorted out. I expect it’s too large to upload here so upload it to Drop Box and share the link. If it contains content you don’t want to share with the world, send the link to me in a private message by clicking my name and then “Message.”

Hi Jo,

OK. So you’ve modified the camera position for the viewports in the LO document. You can tell that by the available Reset option in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel. This one started out as Scene 12 but because you’ve changed the camera position in the viewport, it no longer reflects the scene in the model. And as I wrote before, changes to the camera position in Scene 12 in the model won’t be shown in the viewport. You’ve overridden the SU model.

Clicking Reset in the Camera section reconnects the camera to the scene in the model.

As for the the “rotated” scenes, your viewport for the view from above is rotated but the orientation of the original scene is coming from the scene in SketchUp. You haven’t selected the standard Top view in SU. The standard Top view and Parallel Projection would be appropriate. Due to the orientation of the model, it would be turned 180° from your setup in the LO document. You could rotate the entire model in SU 180° to deal with that although I expect it would make more sense to rotate the viewport.