Flatten section cut

HI I created a section cut and then want to flatten the view so i can use like an elevation
any ideas how

Can you show an example of what you are trying to accomplish? If it’s just a simple on-plane section cut you should be able to set the camera to Parallel Projection and choose the appropriate standard view to get the elevation.

I am uploading my file here
I want that cut to be flat so it can be used as elevation on presentation board
also how do i keep it? I make it a scene?

I upgraded yesterday to sketchup 2022

See above.

Yes. Create a scene.

Your model shows a lot of reversed faces. You should correct them. There should be no visible blue back faces in your model.

Good. It would be helpful if you update your profile to reflect that.

what does that mean?

What does what mean?

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And if it’s not a standard view you can always use Align View after selecting the section cut.

He means here:

You updated to 2022 but your profile still shows 2019. It’s often important for those replying to know what version you are using, so it’s important to keep your profile up to date.