Cannot create a section elevation - align view doesn't cut the scene

First time trying to create a section cut elevation and it will not “cut”

This is what I get when i click on “align view”

Help please!

Are you trying to only cut what is in that group or conponent? Or are you trying to cut the whole model?

Section cuts work within context and are bound by groups / components. If you want to cut the whole model exit the group and replace the section plane.

Regarding align view - hover over the section plane (somewhere without a bunch of geometry behind it) and right click to use the context menu to align.

If the cut is inside the group or component, make sure that you enter its context.

Then, right click on the section cut to get a contextual menu and choose activate in this menu.

It would also help to post the skp file here so one of us can check if there is another problem.

Thanks - that really helped and it worked!!! Thanks again :slight_smile: