Viewports Losing Style Modifications After Re-render


I´ve been using Sketchup Layout for a long time now. My Workflow has changed a lot since my first attempt to use Sketchup´s alternative for documentation.
Last month I started my own practice and opened my eyes to the use of a single SKP scene for my diferent FloorPlans. Changing just Styles, Tags and Effects is really the way to go.
However, everytime I duplicate a page (and its inserted objects), the viewports changes back to the original configurated scene. Obviously, this undermines any possibility of automation and pre-configuration in a given workflow.

Am I missing something?

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It would be helpful to see your LO file to see your set up. The modifications you make to the scene properties should carry over when you duplicate the page unless you click the Reset or Reset All button in the SketchUp Model panel.

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I´m Sorry, Dave. Couldn´t upload it cause it´s far beyond the 16 mb limits.

i will post a link to the file:

Thanks in advance.

Is there a particular viewport that seems to be losing the style when you render? What are you expecting to see? The LO file opened to the page showing a viewport using the scene called Planta Baixa. Is that the viewport that is giving you a problem? It’s rendered as Vector so there’d be no textures.

FWIW it would be a good idea to fix the incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 5_8_2023 , 9_00_54 AM

Screenshot - 5_8_2023 , 9_04_53 AM

There are some excessively large textures that can be reduced. After I cleaned up your model the file size was reduced by almost 25%.

I am using 2 or 3 stacked viewports and all of them are changing to the initial scene style even thought they are copied from a already modified ones.

i isolated the problem in one new file. there are discriptions over the page names. You can reproduce the bug by copying the stacked viewports from page 2 on page 4 and then ask to re-render.
It will change back to the initial scene configuation. But if you browse over the style list you will see that its selection is the one style of the changed viewports. In the case here, it will be grayed over the selection. i have then to chose some other random style and back to the one I´ve chosen at first.

it shoud be :

UNNO - Corte - 50% - for the top Viewport
UNNO - Corte - 0% - Grey - for the bottom one.

Here is the LINK to the file:

Thanks for your time.

Dave, what do you mean by a " incorrect tag usage " ? is it only because of the 88 non use tags?

Now I understand what you were trying to describe. Yes, this appears to be a bug. When the viewport gets copied and pasted the selected style isn’t being displayed although it shows as being selected. @adam may know something about it.

The pasted viewport is showing the style actually set in the scene. So I get this:

When it should look like this:

No. It means that raw geometry has been given tags. Only groups and components should get tags. Edges and faces should remain untagged.

Indeed, it’s as you say.

However, if I paste the viewports into one of my own documents that I have open right now it display as it should.

Just to say that I have been experiencing low level viewport style and shifting issues too with 2023 but they are not too inconvenient, so I’m just cracking on with my work.

Ah! Ok. Indeed, I´m slowly correcting it on my components.

I use a plugin from Sketchucation called Default Layer Geometry which will remove the tags from all of the geometry in a single step and give you a report like the one I showed.

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Just tried do copy to a different brand new file.
Same thing happened.

That´s really annoying.

I have this issue as well. Hard to catch sometimes too.

When I went looking for an answer I found this post. Apparently this was addressed a few years ago.

That said, the behavior is not ideal because if you use multiple stacked views in your workflow that have different styles you have to reapply the custom style to each viewport. Why have the option to change it if it won’t respect that change when copying and pasting a viewport.

The solution proposed was to have multiple scenes in Sketchup. With complicated projects this would necessitate so many scenes that it would be hard to navigate. Making the changes in Layout is far easier. I can’t even imagine the size of the dropdown if I added in all the scenes I’d use in sketchup.

A ruby script to toggle the style to a different one and back might solve this temporarily, but IMO this is a bug that should be addressed by the sketchup team.

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I agree that it ought to be fixed but in the meantime, clicking Reset and then choosing the desired style again seems to take care of it and doesn’t require a Ruby script.

Interesting thing, though, I’ve never seen this in any of my LayOut projects and I frequently have stacked viewports that use the same scene and different styles selected in LO.

The reason I suggest a ruby script is that some of my projects have 20+ viewport that would need to be reset. Granted not all of them get broken, but clicking a single button or running a script would give me peace of mind that all my viewports were as I intended. Would be an incredible time saver.

This must be fixed. There is no way I would reselect all the styles over and over again nor develop a ruby for it.
I bought the 2023 app because of this.
Looking foward to a clean solution.

Thanks, guys.

Hopefully the developers can nail down the cause and fix it. As I wrote it’s not something I’ve had happen in any of my own LayOut files despite doing something similar with stacked viewports with different styles.

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Hi everyone, we have been investigating this and have passed on your files for the development team to look at. I have not been able to reproduce this myself yet either but hopefully the team can get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for letting us know.


What´s up, guys!
Any news regards our little bug?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Brunno,

We’ve been able to look into this issue and reproduce it locally. We believe we understand what is going on and have potentially fixed the issue. From what we’ve seen, this issue seems to only occur if you copy/paste or cut/paste viewports with modified styles.

If you instead perform a move copy operation (should be ctrl + move on windows and option + move on mac), then you won’t see this issue.

Let me know if this helps,

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