Viewport goes blank when I hit hidden line?

I am having trouble with viewports in my layout. I import viewport, it shows up shaded. I hit “hidden line”, it disappears? If I hit “reset all” image comes back shaded? Sometimes viewport goes way off scale? This is happening in perspective viewports. (3d images)
2d images seem to import ok.


Probably a simple fix but would need to see the file.

Which scene?

micro per

It disappears because the default Hidden Line style has section cuts enabled and you have a section cut placed that makes that part of the model invisible. Create a new style in the SketchUp file with Hidden Line face style and sections off and use that style instead.

Another option would be to delete Section 3. There doesn’t appear to be anything on the visible side of it that would be visible anyway.

I deleted that section plane, saved and updated the LO file. Then the model doesn’t disappear when the style is changed.

Thank you DaveR,

I deleted section 3 and it worked.

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