Model "disappears" when style is changed

Have an unusual problem with a individual small model. It does not occur with other .skp models.

The file opens fine but if I select a different style, the model “disappears” except for a temporary text line?

As the file was too large to attach, I have attached a dropbox link to the file:

Got enough section cuts?

Your styles have all these section cuts that result in making the model disappear. It’s the one marked in orange in the case of this screen shot.

Disable the section cuts and your model reappears. Maybe you don’t need all of those cuts?

160428 RCM Island v1.4A w panels.skp (1.5 MB)

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Good idea. I was able to correct for this .skp file. I first had the same blanking when I selected “View/Section Planes” or “View/section cuts”. I believe I was finally able to see all the sections when I selected “Edit/Unhide/All”. Then I could select and delete.

Ive had an ongoing problem as I seem to be inadvertently creating sections in many of my models? And often they are diagonal sections? To my knowledge, I never intentionally created a section in this model?

When I have noticed these section problems I have had been challenged trying to understand how to view and erase sections.

I had researched viewing and deleting sections and found little documentation and few FAQ’s. Noted the Sketchup Help Center article on Sections “Slicing a Model to Peer Inside” doesn’t address these items. Is there a good reference available?

BTW am a true fan of your efforts and have found many solutions from your responses. Thanks again.

You can just select and delete unneeded section cuts. I wonder what you are doing to inadvertently create them.

I wonder if a change in your work flow might be helpful.

I’m glad I’ve helped you out.