Model just disappeared while working

The file that I’ve been working on is showing nothing.
The model just disappeared while I’m working.
I need help fast please !

How about uploading the file so we can see it? If you need help fast, please make it as easy as possible for us to help you.

When the upload was done it said that it was unable to upload

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse and provide the link.

Top menu: Camera > Zoom Extents

With the zoom extents it showed half of the model… the other half is cut because I was using section plane right before the model disappeared.
I deleted it though but still only one part is showing.

One more thing, if I render(via vray) it renders the whole model so it’s not missing, it’s only not visible in the modeling window

It sounds like you are describing clipping but without seeing something of your file, it’s hard to tell for sure.

There’s plenty written on clipping. Use the search function.

I solved it!
Thanks a lot guys!

How did you solve it?

As I already told you, before it disappeared I was using section plane.
For some reason the section plane wasn’t visible so I can delete it … but once I created a second one, both appeared so I deleted them and my model is visible again.

They can be hidden various ways:


(1) View (menu) > Section Planes

(2) Switched off in the current style in use (for the model or the scene page)


(1) The layer the section plane is associated with, is switched off (preferred method.)

(2) The specific section plane object has it’s hidden flag set (not recommended because it cannot now be selected manually to toggle the visibility flag.)

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Alright! Thanks a lot for your effort!