Unwanted section cut showing up in scene

I am creating scenes that have the desired tags showing the whole model and then saving the scene with it looking like I want it to. However when I go to view the scene it includes a section cut that was not active when I created the scene. I have tried updating the scene after I shut of section cuts but it keeps turning them on

my guess is, the fault lies in your style.
You’ve used a style that activates and shows cuts. And your scene uses that style. therefore, cuts.

Could you share a problematic file with us please ? (just drag it in the answer box, or through a third party file service)

Merci!, have looked at styles cna’t really figure that out or solve it there, but I am not a styles expert, my file is too big to drag here, I can use we transfer but how does that work in this forum you usually need an email

put your own email or ask for a link, and simply give us the link they provide you.

Upload to Wetransfer then post a link to the file in this forum.