Troubleshoot wireframe/hidden lines -- some disappear

Sketchup Web (free). Model is fine, but when choosing ‘hidden lines’ style, many of the lines or components disappear. For example, a balloon tire uploaded from the warehouse is great in default model mode, but when I click on hidden lines it disappears. Same for parts of bycycle uploaded from warehouse (tires and some straight lines of the bike frame).

Tried selecting and unhide, turning off smoothing, etc. Tried saving & printing to see if the lines reappear. Any advice?

Spent many hours preparing models that I plan to use for patent drawings and now stuck.

Upload the model or component so we can can take a look. Hidden line style is probably turning your faces the same color as the background as it’s designed to, and the elements in question probably already have all their edges hidden so the element in effect “disappears” .

Sounds like you have a style that has Profiles turned off. You need to choose a different style that has Profiles enabled. If you upgrade to SketchUp Go or Pro you can edit the native Hidden Line style to turn on Profiles but that’s not an option in SketchUp Free.

SketchUp Free isn’t really suitable nor appropriate for what you are trying to do.

bike trailer.pdf (85.9 KB)

Here is an example: 'HiddenLines" profile with Hidden Geometry turned on. With Hidden Geometry turned off, tires and other components disappear.

I can click on each dashed line individually and then unsoften.

bike trailer.pdf (85.9 KB)