Hidden lines in model

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been battling with a model not revolving nicely around the centre point where the 3 axes meet.

In loading the model in Trimble view (refer to the screenshot below), I noticed some lines that I can’t unhide or eliminate that I assume are causing this issue.

How can I delete these lines on the web or clean up the model?

I assume these lines occurred from importing a model from 3D warehouse.

Thanks for reading and your efforts to assist.


In SketchUp, not the viewer, turn on Hidden Objects and Hidden Geometry in the Display panel. Can you see the excess stuff then? If you are still having problems download it to your computer and share it here so we can see what you are working with.

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Thanks for your feedback, DaveR.

I have done the exercise you suggested with no luck.

Here is the model.

Headboard frame 2.skp (4.6 MB)

Content deleted since it apparently can’t be seen.

Can you cut ‘n’ paste your model into a new drawing page?

Edit: I exploded your drawing and then cut ‘n’ pasted it to a new page and that got rid of the extraneous lines.

CnP does not work on the web app as it does on the desktop app, unfortunately.

Oh! Okay, sorry. Can you open regular SU skps from the web app?

no_lines.skp (4.5 MB)

Thank you so much, Saul.
This worked perfectly and saved me lots of time needing to redo the entire model.

Do we have any idea what caused this?

@DaveR , thanks I see your comments were deleted and only noticed you replied once my browser’s page refreshed. I missed what you wrote

It’s all voodoo black magic to me! :grin: @DaveR and @Box and co. can probably answer that question, though.

I saw them Dave but they seemed to show up after my own comments, even though yours were timestamped before mine.

I had fixed your model and shared it along with instructions for fixing it. Evidently @Saul also couldn’t see my post either.

I could, which is why I saw no need to reply.

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THANK YOU ALL!! :rofl:

This kind of effort and responses are very, very rare indeed, especially with service delivery where I’m

@DaveR: I would love to read your feedback if you still have a copy and are willing to share it?

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Thanks again for assisting

I hope to read your deleted advice.


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By clicking on the orange pencil you can see the different versions of a message.

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Another new thing I learned today! Thanks!

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the pencil appears if you edit a message after 5 min.

so any edition before these 5 min will be an actual invisible edition, any after will still be readable.
Furthermore, editing a message (orange pencil style) will re-prompt the thread as “unread” for people. that’s why sometimes an “unread” thread pops up, you check, yet last message is a few hours / days old.

someone edited something.

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I was working with a student online but it looks like @ateliernab has given you an answer that will work.


It has been a day of valuable lessons!! :star_struck:

Thank you @ateliernab!

I tried your method @DaveR in the older, problematic model, however, I’m of the understanding that SU web is limited with this functionality.

I am not able to see those lines at all.

Do we know what could’ve caused it?
Knowing that would help me avoid it going forward.

There were some very tiny edges in the sheet component, scattered across a large region.
You probably wouldn’t noticed it because when you select it, the bounding box of that component is too large to be noticed at that zoom level.
If you zoom out and then do a right to left drag selection next to the area where the bed is shown, you can see it.
(You’ll still won’t be able to see the culprit edges, but if you have the entity panel open, you can see what is selected)
Hitting return would put you in the editing mode for that component and turn the blue bounding box into a grey dotted one. Now, you can do another right to left selection in the area where it appears to have nothing in it.
Erasing those edges would make the bounding box smaller and when you have erased all the edges, it should show up right in the viewer.

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