Hidden line SketchUp views in LayOut

Am I having a senior moment or is it impossible to make the whole background of a SketchUp hidden line view transparent in LayOut or will it always show the SketchUp faces as filled? Wireframe views are transparent. I was playing with stacked viewports and I would like to superimpose just the linework from a hidden line view without obscuring what is behind. I can of course explode the view and remove the fills but I wouldn’t really like to do that.

If you render the Hidden Line viewport as Vector and have Background unticked on the Styles page of the SketchUp Model panel, you’ll get the transparent view you’re after.


I think I already tried that.

Is Sky and Ground turned on in the style in SketchUp?

No. It is the model faces that don’t want to turn transparent. The background does.

Can you share the LO file? Privately, of course, if you don’t want to make it public.

Here it is. Just something I was playing around with.
screening2.layout (154.9 KB)

The style is set to Monochrome, not Hidden Line.


I changed the Face Style to Hidden Line and updated the scene.

Then updated the reference.

I know you are just playing around with it but in practice I would put the viewports on separate layers…

Both viewports are also on the same layer? I would guess scene 4 would also need moving to a layer higher than Scene 3 in Layout.

It’s a good idea to put the viewports on different layers but the order can be controlled with Arrange. They are arranged correctly as is but the viewport on the bottom is more difficult to access when they are both on the same layer.

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Thanks Dave. So, a senior moment it was…

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What I was doing was experimenting with effects like this.

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