Keeping 'hidden line' outline in Layout

I’ve been trying to keep the hidden line setting on my Sketchup drawing when importing into Layout, ie wireframe with white fill. Looks good initially but when I try to edit the drawing Layout reverts to its generic shaded mode. Its going to take a long time to remove shading in Photoshop, how can I keep or set to the hidden line / wireframe setting in Layout?

Much depends on how you have prepared your model in Sketchup for placing into LayOut.

  • create a Scene of your view, and make sure your changes to your style have been saved.
  • in LayOut, make your SketchUp view reference the named scene instead of the “Last saved SketchUp view”.

Any other methods will see the view, scale or style of your LayOut model views change almost arbitrarily when the model is updated.


Thanks for that, works perfectly. I’ve never used scenes before and havent any use for them but obviously when using Layout its important. I have one other question which I’ll post seperatly. Thanks.