Want to retain black and white (hidden line) version

  1. I have taken a section cut for a floor plan export to layout
  2. I have created a scene that is a hidden line version of model (black and white)
    for saving and export to layout

PROBLEM: When I copy and paste into LAYOUT the plan reverts back to it’s
rendered version, instead of the black and white version in the scene.

  1. In SketchUp, set the view to look as you want it to look like in Layout.
  2. In SketchUp, update the style you are using, or save as a new style.
  3. In SketchUp, save your scene, checking that the appropriate features are included.
  4. In LayOut, make your SketchUp view reference the scene, not “Last saved SketchUp view”.



Thank you, will try. I’m sure it will work.