'Hiding' lines in layout?


I created a house model in Sketchup and sent it to Layout for the plans. I didn’t want to see the model below the ground line so drew a masking box in Layout on a higher layer to hide the model below ground. This works but what I would like to have is to see the model with only the ground line showing and ‘hide’ the other lines that make up the edges of the masking layer. Is this possible?


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All you have to do is select your masking shape and turn the Stroke off in the Shape Style window.


Thanks I didn’t know you could switch it off. Obvious when I think about it!


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Hi Simon. Hope I have done it right now. Still learning how to navigate the forum. Thank you for pointing it out.


Looking good! You might want to fill out a bit more of your profile too to help us all help you in future.


LOL Where do I find that?