Hidden Line in Layout

When I export a SketchUp drawing that has a hidden line into Layout, the hidden line becomes visible. How do I keep it hidden in Layout?

How did you hide the line? What is the line that is hidden? Can you share the LO file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and help you sort it out?

Door.layout (80.9 KB)

Thank you. It’s the door gap- hidden on my SU file but showing in Layout.

You should be grouping the geometry for the walls and the geometry itself should all be untagged. Currently your model shows incorrect tag usage.

Make a group that contains the lines and faces for the walls and include that line across the door opening. Make sure all of that geometry is untagged but tag the group as Walls. Then with that line across the door opening hidden, update the scene and then save the file and update the LO reference.

I’ve done that here. The group is shown selected with Hidden Geometry displayed.

The actual scene looks like this:

And your LO file looks like this:

Thank you for your answer. Is there a tutorial on this somewhere please so that I know the correct way to tag?

It’s actually pretty simple.

Basically you leave Untagged as active at all times.
All edges and faces get created as untagged and remain untagged.
Use groups and components to gather geometry into objects to keep them separated from other geometry/objects.
Give those objects tags that are appropriate. Your ‘Walls’ and ‘Not Walls’ tags are self-explanatory and you could flesh out that idea as you go.

This method prevents problems and makes for an easy workflow because you never need to chase the active tag like you have to chase active layers in some programs.

Okay, so you only ever tag groups and components then really?

Yes. That’s the normal procedure.

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Thanks for your help with this issue!

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